1884 Born in Brassó on 13 August. His father is János Mátis, his mother Josefin Schneider

1897–1901 Student at the State Woodwork School in Brassó

1901–1903 Student at the National Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts in Budapest

1903–1905 Scholar at the Royal Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, his teachers: Wilhelm Rümann and Balthasar Schmitt

1905–1908 Living in Paris

1907 First public exhibition; one of his sculptures is on display in Budapest at the autumn exhibition of the Nemzeti Szalon (National Salon)

1908 Spends some time in Berlin

1909 Becomes a teacher at the Faipari Szakiskola (State Woodwork School) in Brassó, leads modelling seminars, marries Gizella Borsos

1910 First appearance at an exhibition in Brassó, at Sebastian Hann-Verein’s Christmas exhibition; his first child is born, a girl

1913 A son is born; takes part in an exhibition at the Roman Catholic School in Brassó

1914 Exhibits in the Kertsch villa in Brassó

1916 His wife dies, he goes to Budapest, exhibits at two of the Nemzeti Szalon’s (National Salon’s) exhibitions

1917 One of his linocuts is published on the front page of MA on 15 February, his first collective exhibition opens at the premises of MA in Visegrádi Street on 14 October

1918 At the beginning of the year his Lino album is published by MA, containing 12 of his cuts; two of his linocuts are published in Der Sturm in Berlin; he takes part in MA’s 3rd demonstrative exhibition then on 24 November his second collective exhibition opens at the premises of MA in Váci utca

1919 In January he takes part in MA’s graphic exhibition, then in the bookstore of the Erdélyi Szemle in Kolozsvár, on 13 July his first collective exhibition is held in Brassó organised by Das Ziel; he marries again, his second wife is Marie Conrad

1920 Two of his poems and one of his linocuts are published in ATYS, the international avant-garde journal, his first exhibition in Bucharest opens in the Maison d’Art in November

1921 Illustrates more books of verse published in Vienna; he exhibits with Paul Klee at the 99th exhibition of the Der Sturm Gallery, exhibits in Brassó and expresses his view in the prologue

1924 Takes part in the first international exhibition of the Contimporanul in Bucharest, together with Kurt Schwitters, Hans Arp, Paul Klee, Viking Eggelig, M. H. Maxy, Marcel Iancu, Victor Braunner and Constantin Brancusi

1925 His private exhibition opens in Paris at Galerie Visconti, and in Brassó organized by the Klingsor journal

1928–1931 In summers he takes part in the work of the Nagybánya artists’ colony and shows his works in the exhibitions of the colony

1929 In May he appears at the exhibition of theTamás Gallery in Budapest with Gyula Hincz and László Mészáros, organises a private exhibition in the Vármegyeháza in Kolozsvár and in the Hasefer bookstore in Bucharest

1930 Takes part in the joint exhibition of the Transylvanian Artists

1931 His book, Kunstideologie, is published by Müller & Kiepenhauer in Postdam; takes part in the exhibition of the Curentul artistic romanesc in Bucharest

1936 Organises a joint exhibition with Jules Perahim in Brassó at the Astra Library

1947 His first private exhibition after the war in Brassó

1957 His private exhibition in Bucharest

1960 He dies in Brassó on 21 March.