Der Blaue Reiter Group

Loosely knit organization of numerous artists who exhibited their works together between 1911 and 1914. The group, formed in December 1911 in Munich, contributed greatly to the development of abstract art. Its founding members, Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky, co-edited a volume of essays on aesthetics entitled Der Blaue Reiter, a name that they had derived from a painting by Kandinsky and that, in turn, became the name of the group.

See in detail in the essay by Annegret Hoberg.

The exhibition displays a selection of the works of the five artists, shown below. Alternatively, you can also view all images starting from the catalogue.

Kandinsky Marc Jawlensky Münter Bechtejeff
Vaszilij Kandinszkij Franz Marc Alexei von Javlenszkij Gabriele Münter Wladimir von Bechtejeff