Gabriele Münter
(Berlin, 1877 - Murnau, 1962)

German woman painter, one of the founders of the group Der Blaue Reiter. From 1903 to 1915 she lived with Wassily Kandinsky.

See in detail in the essay by Annegret Hoberg.

The exhibition displays a selection of paintings created by the artist during the active period of Der Blaue Reiter group.

BR 35. Gabriele Münter
St. Cloud (Nr. 3)
Oil on canvas on board, 22.2x34 cm
BR 36. Gabriele Münter
Farmhouse on the Hill, 1908
Oil on board, 32.6x44.9 cm
BR 37. Gabriele Münter
Country House, 1908
Oil on board, 33x41 cm
BR 38. Gabriele Münter
Lindenburg, 1908
Oil on board, 33x40.5 cm
BR 39. Gabriele Münter
Villas on the Hill, c. 1911
Oil on paper, 33x40.5 cm
BR 40. Gabriele Münter
Autumnal Landscape, 1910
Oil on board, 32.8x40.6 cm
BR 41. Gabriele Münter
View with Church, 1910
Oil on board, 33x44.8 cm
BR 42. Gabriele Münter
Madonna with Poinsettia, c. 1911.
Oil on canvas, 92.5x70.5 cm